The 59th Battery Symposium in Japan


The 59th Battery Symposium in Japan was held in Osaka, Japan from 27th to 29th of November. It is organized by the Committee of Battery Technology, the Electrochemical Society of Japan in order to promote international collaboration and provide an opportunity for scientists in the field of batteries to discuss recent battery innovations and share new ideas about energy storage research. The main subjects  of the symposium were as followings:

1. Reactions and Materials of Batteries and Fuel Cells
2. Innovative Batteries
3. Rechargeable Batteries for Automotive Applications and Stationary Electrical Energy Storage
4. Durability Improvement and Cost Reduction of Fuel Cells
5. International Session: “The 22nd International Symposium on Batteries, Fuel Cells and Capacitors”


Professor Zhumabay Bakenov, Dr. Indira Kurmanbayeva, Dr. Almagul Mentbayeva, Dr. Arailym Nurpeissova, PhD candidates Aliya Mukanova and Sandugash Kalybekkyzy participated in the symposium and gave oral presentations. Well done!