Institute of Batteries

Prof. Zhumabay Bakenov (Nazarbayev University) founded the Institute of Batteries LLC (IoB) in December 2013, after receiving a grant from the Technology Commercialization Project of the World Bank and the Government of Kazakhstan. The company is currently conducting many commercialization and research projects funded by the World Bank, the Government of Kazakhstan, industry etc. From January 2015, the company has started the second World Bank-funded project.

Financing Strategy

Institute of Batteries has received two grants from the Technology Commercialization Project of the World Bank and the Government of Kazakhstan totaling in USD1.5 mln and several research grants from the Government of Kazakhstan.


We are an international research group focused on innovative materials for new applications

Materials for energy storage.

Energy conversion and storage devices such as advanced rechargeable batteries and fuel cells play a critical role in all parts of our society, in communication and infrastructure, industry and transport. In many areas, the technological development directly depends on the availability of such energy devices. Therefore, the market for advanced batteries and other energy conversion and storage devices is very competitive and rapidly growing.

In our Group and Institute, we design novel nanostructured materials to succeed in the development of rechargeable batteries with high energy and power density, safety, low ecological impact, long cycle life and low cost. Combining experimental and mathematical modeling methods, we are dedicated to put our materials into grid connection of renewable sources and electric vehicles by collaborating with our partners, domestic and international companies and universities.

Other applications

We also work on the development of innovative functional materials for wide range of applications such as porous materials and adsorbents for water and soil purification, medical application, catalysis, construction and some other, and the technologies of their preparation with low ecological impact and reduced cost.


Development of the renewable energy sources (RES) is vital for our society sustainable development. However, the RES sources are intermittent and unstable in their nature. Rechargeable batteries (accumulators) provide energy storage in order to mitigate these fluctuations and warranty a constant supply of high-quality power to the customers. Existing battery technologies cannot serve these purposes due to their low energy/power density, high cost, and ecological concerns.

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles provide a clean and safe alternative to the internal combustion engine powered transport. The EVs are not yet competitive with the conventional vehicles due to the economic and technical disadvantages associated with expensive, toxic and low energy capacity batteries. Therefore, new low cost, high performance, and environmentally friendly accumulators are demanded to promote the use of renewable energy and EVs and HEVs.

Human impact on the environment affects significantly the air, soil, and water at first. The Green technologies are crucial for the further sustainable development and the present technologies should be made “greener”, and existing pollutions must be reduced/eliminated. Therefore, the development of effective technologies for air, soil and water decontamination is vital.


To develop new materials for green energy storage, production, and transport; to develop innovative materials for zero environmental effect; to train and educate excellent specialists for Kazakhstan and internationally.