Mrs. Aliya Mukanova

Position: Researcher
PhD Candidate


  • Silicon-based anode materials for LIB
  • Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials
  • Interaction of radiation with substance
  • Diffusion of hydrogen in solids
  • Nuclear physics
  • Fission and fusion energy



  • Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
    PhD Candidate of Material Science in Engineering
    Thesis: Design and engineering of advanced anode materials for energy storage and conversion applications
  • National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russian Federation
    Master degree of Physics in Medical Physics
    Thesis: Modeling of electromagnetic cascade in substance for application in radiation therapy
  • Semey Government University, Semey, Kazakhstan
    Bachelor of Technical Physics
    Thesis: Study of the main interaction parameters of hydrogen isotopes with SS316IG for tritium safety studies of fusion reactors.



  • National Laboratory Astana (Researcher, Astana, Kazakhstan)
  • Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics KazNU Al’Farabi (Researcher, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • Institute of Atomic Energy of National Nuclear Centre (Junior Researcher, Kurchatov, Kazakhstan)
  • Institute of Oncology (Engineer, Tomsk, Russia)


  • 2015 “Leader of the Science” award, established by Thomson Reuters for the most cited scientist in the world between 2005 and 2015.[3]
  • 2012  The best oral presentation and 2d place on the Conference “Urgent issues of peace use of atomic energy”- 2012, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • 2011  The best oral presentation on the Conference “IHISM’11”– 2011, Moskow, Russia
  • World Science Society Reseach scholarship for young scientists 2010-2011, Switzerland



  • GEANT-4 Tutorial COurse-2013, San-Francisco, USA
  • 7th IHISM International School-Conference-2011, Moskow, Russia
  • 48th Plasma Physics Summer School-2011, Oxford, United Kingdom



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