Ms. Assiya Yermukhambetova

assiya yermukhambetovaEducation

Research interests

Electrochemistry, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, lithium sulphur batteries, development of cathode materials for lithium sulphur battery.


PhD student

Supervisors: Dr. Paul Shearing (UCL), Dr. Zhumabay Bakenov (NU);

Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, United Kingdom

Master of Science

Chemical Process Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, United Kingdom


Chemical Technology of Organics,

Oil and Gas Institute, Kazakh National Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Job History

Nazarbayev University, School of Engineering, Astana, Teaching assistant in Chem Eng

“Stroiengineering  Astana” LLP, Astana

The National Science and Technology holding “Parasat” JSC, Astana

Central dispatching board of oil and gas industry JSC, Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana (now “Information – Analytical center of oil and gas” JSC)

International publications and conferences

  1. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhao, P. Chen, A. Yermukhambetova, Z. Bakenov, Effect of Mg0.6Ni0.4O on cyclability of sulfur composite cathode in lithium battery, Submitted to Journal of Power Sources (2012).
  2. Y. Zhang, Z. Bakenov, Y. Zhao, A. Konarov, T.N.L. Doan, K.E.K. Sun, A. Yermukhambetova, P. Chen, Preparation of nanosized Mg0.6Ni0.4O by self-propagating high temperature synthesis as additive to sulfur composite cathode for lithium batteries, Submitted to Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2012).
  3. A. Yermukhambetova, Z. Bakenov, 16th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB-2012), Abst. #AF0274, June 17-22 2012, Jeju ICC, Korea.
  4. A. Yermukhambetova, J.H. Pu, Z. Bakenov, The 222nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society (USA), Abs. B1-2567O, October 7-12, 2012, Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaii Convention Centre.


Nazarbayev University “Talap” Scholarship for employees of  Nazarbayev University and its organizations to study abroad, 2013

JCS ‘Center for International Programs Bolashak’ scholarship, 2009

NC JSC KazMunaiGas, KazEnergy Educational Program 2006, 2007-2008